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Texas Hill Country Photographer

Equine Photographer

Here are a few of the questions + my responses I have received throughout my career that have been asked. Grab a cup of coffee and join me!

Where do you live and how big is your farm?

I live and manage our family’s ranch outside the tiny town of Lampasas, TX in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.   It is about 400 acres and serves cattle, chickens, LGD & more. 

Family photographer Georgetown TX

Do you use your farm for photo sessions?

YES! All my clients receive exclusive access to my farm for photo sessions.  I will do a blog tour soon!

How do you keep a balance between life and work?

I do struggle balancing all my jobs and being a wife/mama at times, I am human!  However, I LOVE the splendid chaos.  I am also super blessed that my work and family can blend together and not have to be separated too much.  My girls can come to photo sessions with me, ride our horses alongside me and work on the farm on a daily basis that is our home!  Also In my business, I use a lot of programs/software solutions to streamline my workflows that I have received education on over the past few years.  For example, Honeybook to assist with bookings, bookkeeping, contracts, appts etc.

What areas of photography do you specialize in?

I specialize in many different scopes of photography due to living in a small town.  There are not many photographers nearby, therefore I expanded my areas of practice to be able to provide all the types of sessions my community needed!  I specialize in Small & Intimate Weddings, Equestrian Photography, Families, Senior Grads & More.   

How many horses do you have?

MY kiddos and I own 2 mares, Cheeca (Smart Freckles Rio) & Jewel (West Coast Mobster). Not only are they part of our family, but we compete on them within NRHA & SWRHA events.  You will see posts quite frequently about them because we are a couple of horse crazy gals!

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